Nong Thon Basket Boat and Restaurant is a local Vietnamese family-run business in the beautiful Mangrove Palm Village named Cẩm Thanh, about 5km from the Hội An city, where most of the local people have to work hard to improve their living by fishing and farming.
Comming to Nong Thon Basket Boat Tour, our guests could immerse themselves into the tranquil life of the village as well as have a chance to experience a crazy fun basket boat ride which is considered as one of the most interesting outdoor activities must try in Hoi An. Besides, you will enjoy frugal dishes of the local people to gain more insight into Hoi An cuisines.
The main purpose of Cam Thanh Village Experience is to bring our guests with the opportunity to experience the authentic daily lives of the local fishing communities in and around Hoi An. What is more, with the development of this sustainable tourism’s model can help the local people to enhance their living standards by working in the local tourism communities.

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